All about Alexander

I just do eyes. That’s an obscure line from Blade Runner. I like that film. Yeah you and every other Tom Dick and Mary, right? Right. My identity is largely purchased like you’re own. But since it’s not for sale, or has very little resale value it’s not that interesting.

Suffice to say, I am currently obsessed with Argentina and masks. I use a camera for personal reasons. At times the results have been shown to others or hung in rooms where people eat cheap cheeses and drink even cheaper alcohol. For a while, I thought I might stop it all. But now I think I’ll continue.

I’ll probably write here alot about things I’m thinking about, notebook maybe? That way I can come back and see. Also maybe people will comment and that will invite me to think more and change and grow. Or maybe no one will read this and it will become my own little vanity testament to ego right here on the big bad world wide web.

I had a croque monsieur that changed my life. I used to drink ricard. I won’t go near that stuff now. I also hate coffee. Don’t talk to me about it. I REFUSE!


One Response to “All about Alexander”

  1. Coffee isn’t so bad, really. I was won over to the dark side last year. Can’t get up without my morning cup.

    (Although with the amount of sugar and flavored creamer I add – is it really coffee anymore?)

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