reality and other fictions

June 20, 2008

I guess I’ve always been interested in the line between reality and fiction. Bewteen documentary and staged photography. I’ve been kicking it around in my head for years. I guess I’m a product of the age we’re in… everyone’s kicking this around.

In Nosferatu, Werner Herzog hired gypsies to play the role of gypsies warning the young protagonist (played by Bruno Ganz) not to go to Count Orlok’s castle. There is something magical about that mixing of the real and imagined. Herzog calls this kind of mix ecstatic truth….

I’m bored by alot of documentary photography. It reminds me of dry academic texts created by removed, dispassionate researchers who some how believe that applying the right system of organization will provide sense to the world. I have no use for that, I read and saw enough of this in grad school.

Maybe it’s systems. Systems that I’m tired of… we’re all so organized, sensible, systematized. It’s exhausting and lacks magic, mystery.


This image, here. It’s by Tomas Munita. I like much of his work. I like this particular image because it looks like a fake to me. The tight composition, the lighting… it has a painterly quality to it, I wonder if he asked them to sit like this, moved people out of the way not to break his composition. I don’t really care what this image is depicting, I care more about what I can think of, what it let permits me to see. 

Too much of what we see is closed. It demands of us, you will see this. Blah! 


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